Le Preare

About the winery

The brand Le Preare was created by Cantina Valpolicella Negrar to pay tribute to a history, where previous generations very often paid a very high price, allowing todays generation of vinegrowers to benefit from the hard work of their forefathers. To remember where one comes from, allows us to see clearer where we are going. 

Our area was also known for its prestigious stones, such as the red marble of Verona. It was widely used by the Venetians when building their villas. However, the use of other local stones, less prestigious then marble, was wide spread. The antique mines where the stone was taken, were called “preare” in local dialect. The local stones were used to separate the vineyards and also to build the terraces, allowing the vines to grow also on steep slopes. Le Preare wines are a true expression of this territory, of the rich heritage we nourish and a good example that the latest technology just remains a “side player” in the research for producing wines with integrity and personality.