Jean Leon

About the winery

Founded in 1964, Jean Leon is today a winery owned by the Torres group, but maintains the spirit and philosophy of its creator, Jean Leon, a character closely linked to the world of Hollywood cinema and glamor of the 50s and 60s.

A true legend inside and outside the world of wine, Jean Leon is none other than Ceferino Carrión, a man from Santander of humble origins who, after a complicated youth that took him to Barcelona, ​​Paris and New York, finally ended up in Hollywood and ended up personifying what we could call the American dream. There he partnered with James Dean to open the La Scala restaurant, which became a landmark in the Beverly Hills of those years and was the meeting point for celebrities such as Marlon Brando, Paul Newman and Marilyn Monroe. Dissatisfied with the wines on his menu, after a trip to France and Spain, in 1962 he decided to buy 150 hectares in Torrelavit, Penedès, with the aim of making the wine himself that was going to be served in his restaurant.

Located on clay, calcareous and stony soils, the Jean Leon estate had local vines that were replaced by international varieties, being a pioneer in Spain in the cultivation of varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Chardonnay, all from renowned French wineries. . prestige such as Lafite-Rothschild, La Lagune or Corton Charlemagne. The winery, built in the style of Bordeaux castles, combines tradition with the most modern production techniques and its production highlights the estate wines from the 4 estates that the winery has in the heart of Penedès: Vinya La Scala, Vinya Le Havre, Vinya Palau and Vinya Gigi, from which they extract a unique and particular personality, the result of the characteristics of the terroir, the vineyard and the microclimate. Thanks to organic agriculture carried out in the vineyards since 2008, the winery’s wines currently include organic production certification.