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Prosecco is the most popular sparkling wine in Italy. Although it tends to be compared to Champagne, there are actually many differences between the two, mainly in the production method used, the type of grapes used and, obviously, the place where each one comes from.

What is Prosecco? Prosecco is a sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy. Its name is also the name of the variety of grapes (also called ‘Glera’) used to make it. For its preparation, an affordable method called the “Tank Method” is used.

How is Prosecco made? The production method to obtain a Prosecco dispenses with the individual bottle as a container to convert a still wine into a sparkling one. Instead, the base wines are added along with the sugar and yeast mixture in a large tank. As the wine undergoes a second fermentation, the CO2 released from the fermentation causes the tank to be compressed, the wines are filtered, dosed and then bottled without aging. Tank method sparkling wines have a much fresher character with stronger secondary flavors, due to the yeast.

What does Prosecco taste like? Prosecco wines tend to have a dry profile. However, the fruity flavors of the grape can provide a sensation of sweetness. Although Brut is the most popular Prosecco wine on the market, there are different types classified depending on the amount of sugar they contain: Brut, which contains up to half a gram of sugar per glass Extra Dry, which has a little more than half a gram of sugar per glass Dry, which has up to 1 gram of sugar per glass